About us

ZPL Neon is the king of cost-effective LED neon lights in the minds of consumers.
Founded in 2014, ZPL Neon is a company dedicated to creating high-end neon art worldwide and serving every consumer. ZPL Neon has a production area of 10,000 square meters and 25 designers.
Our design team is experienced in drawing custom neon lights. Our team handles hundreds of neon light models every day. We prefer to analyze and summarize market popular factors and provide you with the most suitable design suggestions.
Adhering to the mission of "Poke your heart and light up your dreams", ZPL Neon has sold 100,000 neon art signs to the world. These neon signs are widely used in brand logos, store signs, wedding scenes, home decorations, shopping centers, Hotel decoration, events, and more. We cover modern neon signs, commercial custom neon lights, personalized and customized neon lights.