Neon lights are an aesthetic and functional addition to a space. If you properly install your neon LED lights, they never get hot.

Yes, there might be a slight temperature rise in the signage. But, this is only to a lukewarm level that isn't harmful.

The heating up of such lights is prevalent in glass lights. Even more, they pose a high risk of burns when touched and fire outbreaks if the glass breaks.

This article has more about neon LED signs and why you should have them in your space.


Before we understand the definition, let's know some science lessons. First, of the elements on the planet, neon is the fifth most abundant. But, initially, it wasn't of any importance.

The production of neon lights for commercial use began in 1910. Over a century now, we can see neon lights taking over the advertising industry. They are on billboards, signage, pop art, and almost everywhere.

  • Old Neon Lights

Ancient neon lights used neon gas stored in glass tubes. The gas should be under slight pressure.

Usually, the glass surface emits the bright yet colorful light produced by gas from the tube.

  • Neon LED Lights

Neon LED lights have a similar lighting effect to that of ancient glass neon lights. However, their construction and mechanism are slightly different. As a result, the former is more efficient, safe, and advantageous than the latter.

These lights feature strips of light-emitting diodes. Others have LED mounting on them. The size, color, type, and strength of the LEDs will determine the brightness, hue, and color of the neon lights they produce.

Neon lights produce sparks of brighter light rather than seamless streams. It could be the primary reason why the lights are incredibly remarkable and novel. Neon lights, besides advertising, symbolize so much, depending on what you install.


Neon LED lights have clusters of LEDs mounted or attached to a strip. These LEDs can be of various types of materials. They are enclosed in clear jackets to ensure their lights are shining bright.

But, this isn't a type of brightness that can affect your eyes. Furthermore, these don't require much light to power as you can dim them quickly if you need minimal illumination.

These LED neon lights are available in numerous colors. They exist in shiny and bright versions, with others having more muted color combos.

Sometimes, one LED strip will house LEDs that produce various colors. That means you can get more creative and customize your space to something extraordinary.


No, modern neon LED lights don't get hot. It means they are safe to use.

Neon LED signage produces less heat into the area as compared to glass. Usually, the glass heats up extremely fast and could burst. Thus, it is a potential health and safety hazard.

On the other hand, Neon LED lights will only get lukewarm. It means there are no risks when the temperatures are minimal.

Let's check out some factors that usually contribute to heat production.

  • Light Source

Old neon lights used gas to power the systems, unlike modern versions with solid semi-conductors that produce the light. Also, unlike fluorescent gas in ancient lights, neon LED signs are economical.

You will spend considerably less on your energy bills. It means that energy conservation is also on the higher side.

  • Voltage

Old neon lights have a standard voltage hence their longevity. But, as neon LEDs came by, this changed from a voltage of 3-18KV to 24-120V.

Thus, longevity and high performance remain, but safety poses a significant difference between the two. For example, neon LED lights are safer than neon glass lights because they don't get hot.

  • Environmental Impact

Glass neon lights will negatively affect the environment more than neon LED lights will. The gas poses higher threats of contamination into the atmosphere. The risks are higher when you inhale mercury. Thus, the LED neon lights are safer for use than glass neon lights.

LED neon lights are softer, unlike their harder counterparts. Their bodies are flexible and will bend to as little as 3cm. You can cut these strips quickly using scissors and design anything you like, from letters to graphics and shapes. 

  • Functioning

These lights are simple and more efficient. Old neon glass lights will increase their voltage to 220V-15KV to stimulate gas in their tubes to create monochromatic lights on the font design outline.

For this, the two colors need to have different glass tubes. When fonts are more significant, the light's center is dimmer. Smaller sizes will make it more complex for the light to process.

LED lights work at 24 volts and radiate very minimal heat, making them easy to handle. 


One of the most crucial motives why most consumers prefer neon LED lights is because of their efficiency. First, they save on almost 85% of the energy used by other lights.

Whether you want to fix them in a small space or extensive areas, you will see a significant reduction in your power bills. Besides this, here are more benefits you probably didn't know. Or rather, other reasons why you should highly consider buying these lights.

  •  LED Neon Have Plenty of Small LED Lights

LED neon lights come with numerous LED lights built in them. Thus, it makes them very safe to the environment. Besides, they are highly energy-saving.

If you are worried about how much they consume, they take up almost the same energy consumption as standard bulbs would use in your house. It is unlike old neon gas signs that are highly breakable and unsafe to the environment.

  • LED Neon Lights Are More Energy Efficient

Neon LED lights will use 12 volts into a transformer supply of 240 volts. So you can quickly plug it into your office or home power supply.

Neon gas lights, on the other hand, will use 18 volts and will need professional installation. Preferably a qualified electrician to handle the wiring. They need more power consumption, and this isn't a means of saving the environment. 

  • LED Neon Is More Durable

We all want to buy long-lasting light fixtures. Unfortunately, in the current market, there are both original brands and counterfeit. The latter is crappy and a waste of money. They quickly stop functioning, and that is it. 

LED neon are built with flexible plastic tubes to create any shape, letter, number, or graphic. These can easily bend, making them unbreakable and great for use in areas with children.

Traditional gas neon lights contain only glass material molded using heat from a fire then bent to create shapes. This entire process is risky and resulting in a delicate product.

If the ancient neon light drops on the floor, it will break. Once broken, you can't repair or use it as it is. It is the reason why most people are opting to buy LED neon signs.

  • Neon LED Lights Are Very Bright!

You could be in a big room with other lighting fixtures but need to use your LED neon signage for illumination. You don't have to worry as these are very bright. Though not highly shiny to be uncomfortable to your eyes.

LED neon lights are 5 or 6% brighter compared to traditional neon gas lights. If you are looking for sophisticated yet functional lighting, this is it. It has a sentimental impact on your space and will stand out than the others. 

The era of using ancient neon gas lights is over. Modernity has birthed new. Advanced lighting that is environmentally safe, more convenient, and energy-saving is the way to choose.

The best news is that you are not limited to specific areas. You can install Neon LED lights in any place in your home or business premises.

Let it speak your personality and add to the aesthetics of the area. Besides being beautiful, these lights remain functional with or without other lighting fixtures added to the space.


Most humans are drawn to most things by their visual appeal. Using neon LED lights in your business premises will draw more customers. What attracts them first is the ambiance-especially the lights. 

It is the reason why most bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment businesses highly consider installing these lights. It is the aesthetics and functionality that make them excellent options for businesses. 

For business advertising, this is the real deal. For homeowners who would love to give their living rooms a facelift, these too will be perfect.

Since they are safe, more energy-efficient, and easy to use, what's left is finding a design and color combination that matches your space. Above all, Neon LED lights do not get hot.

It is time to get your neon LED signs. It might just change how your space looks and feels.

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